Our Story

Niqab is worn with obedience and carried with love...

Niqab is a choice and when it’s chosen to be practiced it becomes a ritual. This ritual has to be comfortable enough to make a muslim woman enjoy her daily routines. This is the point where our lovely story began. We -as niqab wearing women- who carry this garment with love had some moments in which we had difficulty of enjoying our life and rituals while wearing uncomfortable, poor quality niqabs. Even if we looked for the most comfortable and smart niqab designs in the market, our hands were empty by these researches in the end of the day. So we wanted to make easier this daily routine for Niqabi Muslim women and we started asking ourselves: "Why don't we be that facilitator?"

As a result of this question, we redesigned niqabs in the best way that we can. Our Niqabs are designed with best fabric choices, breathing and respiring fabrics which are a must for a niqab. We also reshaped niqabs for the most ergonomic use to avoid eye disturbances due to eye sight parts, and to avoid too tight or too slight tying styles. 

As the Muslim Ummah, we have very rich multicultural diversity and as Niqab Co. we embrace our differences with love and affection. We are aware of the fact that not all of us has the same face, hair or eye shape and these differences make it hard to have one type niqab for all kind of women. For this reason we rein-formed the niqabs in three sizes: small, medium and large with the three tying types: tie-up, velcro and our unique and patented design: belt. These innovation processes made Niqab Co. the most innovative niqab brand and the largest online niqab store since 2013. 

Not only that but being aware of seriousness of what we sell, we always aim to keep our niqabs modest, simple and elegant, which are also three main characteristics of a Muslim lady. 

You are always welcome here and enjoy our niqabs with love